Gandaki University says cheers to research of ‘Kodoko Raksi’ Reporter
Jan 20, 2022

Image of glasses: Pixabay

Dhan Bdr Gurung, Pokhara: With the sale of  Millet Alcohol (Kodoko Raksi) in the UK, research has also started in Gandaki Province. Research has been started on how to make alcohol, what herbs to use in Marcha (traditional amylolytic starter used to produce alcohol) and the way to promote the local liquour.  The youngest university of the town; Gandaki University has shown interest in the research

Before the Nepali  brand became a brand in the UK, Province 1 was said to be branding Millet Alcohol. The then social development minister of the province, Usha Kala Rai, had formed a task force to make Millet Alcohol as brand. The task force formed last April is studying the branding, marketing and promotion of the alcohol in the eastern hill.

Vice Chancellor of Gandaki University Professor Ganeshman Gurung, informed that the university is conducting research on how to brand the alcohol. The university, which has been focusing on study, research and innovation since its inception, has been teaching pharmacy, IT and sports. He said that an innovation center is being set up and research is being done on alcohol.

“In Gandaki, Gurung, Magar and other tribes make and drink alcohol,” he said. Gurung said that samples of alcohol has been brought from Kaski, Syangja, Myagdi, Lamjung and Nawalpur and sent to Kathmandu for food laboratory. He also said that the marcha were taken to the laboratory of Rampur Agriculture Campus for testing.

“We have sent samples of alcohol and marcha for the tests but the results are being delayed,” he said. He said that the laboratory report will find out the amount of ethanol, methanol and carbohydrates in alcohol. Then it will be easier to study whether it meets the criteria set by the World Health Organization and the Government of Nepal.

Chief Minister Krishnachandra Nepali Pokharel informed that the province is working to bring the items related to the culture of the people of the province under  law. ‘Gandaki is a multi-ethnic province. So alcohol is a substance associated with culture, ‘he said.