Gandaki government to amend 34 laws Reporter
Feb 08, 2023

Pokhara. The Gandaki Province government has registered a ‘bill to amend some Gandaki province laws’ in the parliament secretariat on Tuesday.

There is a proposal to amend 34 laws in the bill registered in the Parliament Secretariat.

During the previous government’s time, the bill was registered in the parliament and discussed in the legislative committee for a long time, but the bill could not be passed.

It has been registered by adding to the current bill than what was registered at that time.

Since the legislative committee has not been formed, the parliament secretariat is preparing to pass this bill through fast track.

An amendment to the Provincial Assembly Secretariat Act has been added to the bill that is now registered. In which the provision regarding the age limit of the provincial assembly secretary has been changed.

According to the current law, the age limit of the Secretary of the Provincial Assembly is 60 years, but it has been proposed to add 65 years.