Fulpati observed today on 7th day of Dashain

eAdarsha.com Reporter
Oct 21, 2023

Kathmandu: On the occasion of Bada Dashain festival, the Fulpati is being taken into the homes as per tradition throughout the country today.

Fulpati, an assortment of flowers, leaves and fruits of different plants considered auspicious, is anointed at the Dashain Ghar on the seventh day of the Bada Dashain festival.

The Fulpati is brought to Kathmandu as per the Vedic rites to be anointed at the Dashain Ghar, Hanumandhoka Durbar.

The ‘Phulpati Badhai’, feu de joie, was organized at Nepal Army pavilion in Tundikhel, Kathmandu on Saturday afternoon.

The day marks the seventh day of the ongoing 10-day grand Dashain festival. President Ramchandra Paudel, who is constitutionally the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Nepal Army, graced the event as the chief guest.

The Nepal Army on the occasion demonstrated a parade. The Army chopper that flew over the army pavilion fluttered a banner where it was written -Phupati Badhai Ceremony-2080 BS and showered flowers.

The army band played patriotic songs as well as various other tunes.