Four men arrested with Rs 8.25 million for hundi transaction Reporter
May 12, 2021

Parsa, May 12: Police have arrested 4 men from Parsa for their alleged involvement in illegal money transfer called hundi.

The arrestees are: Bikash Kumar (27) of India, Guddu Kumar (22) of India, 18 year old minor of India and 18 year minor of Nepal.

On the basis of tip off, police had arrested the 18-year-old from Adarshnagar Chowk along with Rs 2.5 million. Then during the search, they found Rs 5.75 million hidden inside two helmets and two bags from the room of Bikash Kumar.

In total Rs 8.25 million (Nepali currency) was recovered from them. Police have also recovered a motorcycle  with number plate Na. 8 Pa 4897 from them.