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Four lakhs people face action for not wearing face mask

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
Aug 10, 2020

Kathmandu, August 10: The government has held and taken action against 4 lakhs people throughout the country for not using face mask after lockdown was imposed to contain the spread of COVID-19.

This many people were taken under control and released after informing them of the importance of wearing face mask. They were also fined.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Joint Secretary Chakra Bahadur Budha said 7,600 vehicles and around 19,400 passengers trying to enter Kathmandu Valley without carrying passes were turned back from the entry point itself.

Similarly, so far 137 thousand two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles operating without following specific directives have been held while action has been taken against 5,300 vehicles flouting the ‘odd and even system’ of operating vehicles.

The Ministry has said the enforcement of the directives issued for checking the increasing COVID-19 infection continues.

The government has urged one and all to fully abide by the Pubic Health Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and the Security Protocols issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Ministry has also directed all the bodies concerned to have the ‘odd and even system’ in transport sector and the directives for mandatorily wearing mask enforced in an effective manner.