Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst committed suicide Reporter
Jan 31, 2022

Photos: Instagram of late Cheslie Kryst

kNew York : American model Cheslie Kryst died after jumping from a 60-storey building in Newyork City. Thirty year old Cheslie was model, lawyer and correspondent for Extra television.

This is the last photo posted by Cheslie in her Instagram few hours before committing suicide.

Just a few hrs she died, she posted a photo of herself in Instagram saying “May this day bring you rest and peace.” She reportedly left a note stating that she is leaving all her belonging to her mother.

Photo: Instagram of late Cheslie

Several media have reported that she committed suicide by jumping from the 29th floor of a 60-storey building. She was living in the same building on the 9th floor.  She was titled  ‘Miss USA’ in 2019.

Photo: Instagram of late Cheslie.

Photo: Instagram of late Cheslie.