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Foreigners refused to leave Manang saying risk of COVID 19 is lower in Nepal

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
Apr 05, 2020

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Manang, April 5: Fifteen foreign tourists residing in different parts of Manang district have refused to return their country saying risk of  COVID 19 is lower in Nepal . According to the Chief District Officer (CDO), Pusparaj Poudel, those  foreigners who came here did not want to return home due to risk factors of  transmitting corona virus.

CDO informed that those tourists are from the US, Netherlands, Argentina, Germany, Israel and European countries.  They are staying in Upper Manang, Pisang, Chame, Timang, Dharapani and other places.

American tourist, David said that the risk of the virus is low in Nepal. “We are safe in Nepal and infection cannot spread here.”-he further added.