Flood Disaster in Mustang: 20 houses swept away in Kagbeni village

eAdarsha.com Reporter
Aug 14, 2023

Jomsom: The flood in Waragung Muktikshetra Rural Municipality-4 Kagbeni of Mustang district has swept away 20 houses, a concrete bridge under construction and a police station.

Photos source: From Facebook of Gandaki Province Assembly member, Bikal Sherchan.

The flood in Kagkhola at around eight o’clock on Sunday night has damaged the physical structure. There was no human damage.

CDO, Anup KC informed that the road connection between Kagbeni and Upper Mustang disconnected after the concrete bridge connecting Kagbeni and Chusang collapsed. 

According to Village Chairman Ringjin Namgel Gurung, the residents fled after the flood began to enter the settlement. He said that as the locals were moved to a safe place at night, there was no loss of life, but there was a lot of damage to physical structures.