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Fake currencies found in Syangja and Doti

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Nov 20, 2019

The use of fake Nepali currencies of 500 and 1000 denomination has been reported in Waling, Syangja, recently. The National Cooperatives Bank (NCB), Waling branch which received those currencies from three cooperatives in Waling were found counterfeit, according to NCB, Waling branch chief Subash Acharya. The Cooperatives, casting suspicion on those currencies, had sent them to the Nepal Rastra Bank in Pokhara which determined that they were counterfeit ones. Acharya shared that four currency bills of 500 denomination and one of 1000 denomination was received by the Cooperatives from Monday to Thursday last week.  Meanwhile 2 fake currencies of RS 1000 note has been found in NCC bank in Doti district. Those currencies where found when customer came to deposit in their account. Photo: Bimal Bahadur Bista/RSS