EU Ambassador Nona meets Chief Minister Krishnachandra Reporter
Sep 26, 2021

Pokhara: Gandaki Chief Minister Krishnachandra Nepali and European Ambassador to Nepal Nona Deprez held a formal meeting at the Chief Minister’s Office on Sunday.

On the occasion, Chief Minister Nepali recalled Nepal’s friendship with the countries belonging to the European Union and their contribution to the development of Nepal and expressed confidence that it would continue in the days to come.

Chief Minister Nepali said that the assistance of the European Union in the reconstruction after the devastating earthquake that hit Gorkha in 2015 was incomparable. He said that the promotion of Nepal’s international trade and increase in competitiveness, improvement in the education sector under the School Sector Development Plan, and support for multi-sectoral nutrition have made great strides in Nepal’s development.

Stating that the EU has made a great contribution in uniting the world against the current epidemic and providing universal access to health care and vaccines, Chief Minister Nepali expressed his gratitude to the European Union and its people for their support.

During the visit, Ambassador Nona Deprez said that the EU has been providing assistance to Nepal in the areas of strengthening federalism and would continue to do so in the days to come. She reminded that they have been working in the field of governance reform, access to justice, rule of law and human rights. “Poverty alleviation, multi-sectoral nutrition programs are our priority,” she said.

She said the EU was also monitoring the effectiveness of drug and equipment assistance in the campaign against Covid 19. She also said that the EU has invested in upgrading the education sector and will discuss what can be done in the state after returning to Kathmandu.