E-learning: The champion of the pandemic

eAdarsha.com Reporter
May 11, 2021

Swornika Chhetri, Two years back, never in our wildest of dreams, no one had imagined that the world would completely go online. The internet has revolutionized the way of learning and teaching. Technology has facilitated us with one of the most advanced communication systems, which is real-time interaction. Over the last few months, there have been massive debates and arguments about whether to reopen schools and colleges to run physical classes.

Education is the most important tool to improve one’s life. It is very much important for human beings as it enhances wisdom makes people creative and helps them to be aware. Education also helps people to improve their abilities, knowledge, and skills. Similarly, health is another factor for all human beings as only a healthy person can perform different activities and tasks in their life in an efficient manner.

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Online classes have proven to be a blessing in the pandemic. Online classes are effective as well as it is the effective use of technology. We are living in the technological era where everything is being held by technology. Almost all the fields of works as well as the living standard are affected by technology. In the present context, online classes are the best platform for the teachers and the students for educational purposes.

In pandemic, online classes are not only cost and time effective but also the safest method to conduct classes.

Online studies are much more convenient and safer as well. Most importantly, we can attend classes from any part of the world in the comfort of our home. Surely, health is the topmost priority of every individual. As corona is contagious, it would be an abysmal idea to attain physical classes. Therefore, we have been provided with the solution; online classes, which allow us to learn even though we are socially apart.

One cannot argue that online classes are cost-effective as well as time-effective because students do not need to waste their time and money on the way to college or back home. For example, a student who lives in Kavre has to spend about an hour and at least 100 rupees per day on the way to college and back home.

Furthermore, online classes are not only cost and time effective but also the safest method to conduct classes. According to numerous studies, every one child out of 10 is ill so many experts suggest not opening colleges and schools because they believe that every child is not enriched with proper health conditions, and they are highly affected. We are well-informed about the fact that many schools were forced to close again in different parts of the world when cases of corona increased rapidly after the reopening of schools.

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However, proponents of physical class argue that physical class is only an effective method to learn. According to numerous studies, more than 75% of people prefer physical classes because they believe that the technology we are using for online classes is not much refined. As a result, we are bound to face many technical issues. For example, during our online class, we face the different issues of unheard audio, unshared screen, etc. In addition, every student in Nepal does not have essential devices to attend physical classes.

Concluding, as Covid is still here and we do not want to get infected, online classes would be the safest and best way to conduct classes as it provides us the feature of real-time interaction and keeps us safe from contagion, so we should be inclined towards online classes at least for few months.

The writer of this article, Swornika is BBA first semester student at Kathmandu University, School of Management.