Durganand Jha’s 60th martyrdom anniv: Man who hurled bomb on King Mahendra’s jeep

eAdarsha.com Reporter
Jan 29, 2023

Janakpur: The 60th death anniversary of republican martyr Durganand Jha has been celebrated today with various programs.

Sacrifice Day is celebrated today in memory of Durganand who was executed on 29th January 1964 on the charge of throwing a bomb on the jeep in which king Mahendra was traveling in Janakpur.

On January 22, 1962, a bomb was thrown at the then King Mahendra’s jeep, who came to worship in the courtyard of the historical Janaki Temple of Janakpurdham.

In the incident known as the Janakpur Bomb Incident, 59 people were arrested and Jha, who was arrested on the same charges, was sentenced to death on 29th of January 1964  at the age of 22.

On this occasion, the Shaheed Durganand Memorial Construction Committee has laid the foundation stone of the memorial construction work at Janakpurdham Sub-City-23.

Photo courtesy: Radio Nepal Online, partially edited.