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Drunk man attacked Helambu FM office

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
Jun 29, 2020

Sindhupalchowk, June 29 : The Sindhupalchowk-based Helambu FM radio station was attacked last night.

A local youth under alcoholic influence had attacked on the radio station at around 8.45 last night causing damages to the office.

Bhoj Bahadur Thapamagar of Chautari Sangachowkgadhi municipality-5, had  smashed the window screens and doors of the FM station with an axe incurring damage to the media outlet, shared Deputy Superintendant of Police (DSP) Madhav Prasad Kafle.

Police are searching for Thapamagar who was involved in the incident and also recovered an axe from the incident site.

Station manager Demling Lama informed that the radio transmission service will be closed for some days until the environment conducive for radio operation is created.