Drinking water to supplied in arsenic affected area of state 5

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Sep 07, 2019

Parasi, Sept 7 : The State 5 Government has emphasized on the expansion of water supply projects in areas where there is problem of arsenic contamination. People of six Tarai districts in State 5 have to still drink arsenic-contaminated water for lack of clean water. State 5 Government spokesman and minister for physical infrastructure development, Baijanath Chaudhari said that the State government has given priority to the expansion of drinking water projects. He said this while addressing the fifth annual general meeting and convention of Parasi Drinking Water and Sanitation Consumers Committee on Friday.  “The government has the responsibility of making drinking water accessible to every citizen. We have given priority to improving the old projects and to expansion of the new ones. The use of hand pumps for drawing ground water for drinking purpose will become a thing of the past within some years from now,” he said.  According to him, the State 5 Government has allocated Rs 2 billion for the expansion of 200 water supply projects in the State in fiscal year 2019/20

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