Dharan test-rides first sky cycling in Province 1, targets Indian clients

Apr 09, 2021

Dharan, April 9 : Dharan has test-ridden the first sky cycling in Province 1. Sechha Adventure Park of Dharan-20 Kalimati has successfully test-ridden this new adventure activity in the province.

”We are excited with our test rides,” said Basudev Baral, one of the operators of the Sechha Adventures and Holidays that owns the part. He added, ”We are mulling to fix appropriate date for its commercial operation.”

The sky cycling project was built with technical and logistical hiring from India. Technicians from Delhi spent weeks to erect the tourism facility.

The 150-meter-long sky cycling is one-minute cycling in the cable with support from harness and helmet for safety. According to Alina Magar, another operator of the park, the proposed fare of this adventure is Rs 1000.

”We have other adventure activities like 200-meter-long zip line, 150-meter-long Burma bridge and few other adventures,” explained Magar, ”The highest fare is of sky cycling only because it needs bigger investments compared to other adventure infrastructures like zip line and Burma bridge.”

The venue of the adventure is reached within 3.9 kilometers from the Zero Point of Dharan in 10-minute ride in two or four wheelers.

According to operators, the estimated cost of entire adventure park project stands around Rs 100 million. ”Our target clients are not just city dwellers from Province 1 like Dharan, Itahari, Biratnagar.

Our aim is to lure Indian clients from the other side of the borders. For Indians, it is just a one-hour-long drive from the international border points of Sunsari,” informed Baral. ”COVID-19 pandemic has prevented our prime clients and business.”