Decision to split ward no. 14 of Waling

Avatar Reporter
Jan 13, 2021

Tolakanta Bagale, Syangja, Jan 13: Ward 14 of Waling will be divided into two parts. The Ninth Municipal Council of Waling Municipality has unanimously approved the proposal to split ward 14 into two wards.

Municipal spokesperson Kedar Kafle said that the proposal was unanimously passed after ward chairman Jhammar Bahadur Shrestha submitted a decision to divide the ward into two wards.

Kafle said that the ward 14 was geographically larger and more remote than other wards due to inconvenience of resources and other reasons.

A meeting of officials of 25 Area development organizations of the ward, representatives of political parties and intellectuals has decided to establish additional wards including ward 10 of , ward 9 of the then Thumpokhara VDC and Hugdi area of ward 14 of  the then Kalikakot VDC. Ward Chairman Shrestha said.

Considering that the people of the proposed area are linguistically, socially and culturally equal, that the political leadership has equal access to all the geographical areas of the ward and it is difficult to reach even the most basic services for the daily operation of the people of the ward.

Earlier, an application was submitted to the mayor Dilip Pratap Khan along with a map of the geographical area.

If the decision passed by the city is passed by the Gandaki state assembly, it will go to the center and the ward will be divided only after the center passes it, said the mayor. “Because of its geographical location compared to other wards, more money is being allocated to the ward than other wards,” said the mayor.