Dalit community faces financial paucity to celebrate Dashain festival

Oct 14, 2021

Humla: Dalit community in the district has faced financial paucity to celebrate Dashain festival. Already hit hard by the global pandemic, the Dalit people are finding it difficult to enjoy the festival.
As they were rendered jobless due to COVID-19, they could not earn a living and make saving for the festival.

Siman Bishwokarma from Tanjakot-2 in the district shared the plight that he had to manage money for Dashain festival by keeping wife’s jewelry in guarantee.

“I used to go to India for earning a living. But, I failed to go abroad for job for two years due to coronavirus. There is no job in the village, which resulted in sheer financial constraint now,” he said, adding that he had to sell even the jewelry to manage money.

The Dashain festival is celebrated with fanfare- new clothes, delicious foods, family gathering, worshiping of deities. But, such family without income has afflicted much now.

He is one of such sufferers amidst the festival. Another Ram Bahadur Sunar from Simkot Rural Municipality-6 has similar harrowing story.

There is neither delicious food nor new clothes for the Dashain, he shared. The price hike of mutton is adding further woe to the Dalit people in the district.