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COVID-19: All hub hospitals to come under full operation

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
May 30, 2020

Image: Pixabay

Kathmandu, May 30: Considering the rising number of Corona Virus infection cases in the country, the government has decided to bring all the designated hub hospitals into full operation.

Inviting the heads of the hub hospitals to his Ministry on Friday, Minister for Health and Population Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal directed them to bring their respective hospitals into full operation.

He also pointed out the need to consolidate the communications channel and collaborate with one another.

The satellite hospitals should report to the hub hospital and the hub to the ministry regularly, he said. The Health Minister also committed to resolving any obstacles in terms of policy, guidelines and procedures.

Stating that the hospitals will not face any scarcity of health and medical supplies, Minister Dhakal emphasized on the need to boost the morale of the frontline doctors, nurses and health workers.

A clear plan on human resource mobilization and preparedness for bed management in the event of rise in number of cases should be developed and implemented.