Contact tracing of people infected with ‘double mutant variant’ ongoing

Apr 15, 2021
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Image : Pixabay

Kathmandu, April 15 : Government has started contact tracing (travel history) of the people infected with a new variant of Covid-19 named as ‘double mutant variant’ and ‘UK variant’.

According to Dr Krishna Poudel, Director at the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, they began tracing out the travel history of the infected ones.

Dr Poudel shared that most of the people infected with this variant of coronavirus infection had arrived in Nepal from abroad. UK variant was detected in nine people arriving from the UK while double mutant variant were reported from 59-year-old person in Lalitpur district.

The swab samples of the people suspected to have contracted the flu-like infection were sent to Hong Kong for the test, shared Poudel.

Since most of the infected ones had visited Nepal some three weeks ago, they must have spread the infection to others.