Children are being administered Vitamin A

Oct 23, 2021

Photo: RSS

Baitadi: Vitamin A capsules will be administered to 24,000 children of Baitadi. A total of 23,894 children in the district would be given vitamin A capsules as per the national campaign on Vitamin A to be conducted on October 24 and 25, said information officer at the Health Office, Baitadi, Harish Prasad Bhat.

Similarly, 21054, children will be fed deworming tablets. Children between 6 to 59 months will be given Vitamin A and children from 1 to 5 years will be given the anti-worm medicine.

A total of 831 women health volunteers have been mobilized for the campaign in the district, the Office said. The government has been giving vitamin A and anti-parasitic drugs to children in two phases every year.

The locals have been requested to take their children to the vaccination centers designated in each ward. The government has been running the Vitamin A program since 2050 BS to reduce the risk of health complications and malnutrition in children between the ages of six months and 59 months.

The deworming tablet is being administered as a campaign since 2056 BS. Considering the continued risk of Corona Virus, parents and guardians have also been urged to follow public health standards including maintaining physical distance of at least two meters, using masks properly for their own safety and that of children, and washing their hands frequently with soap and water and use sanitizers.