Child safety portal launched to ensure children’s online safety Reporter
Feb 07, 2019
child safety online

In a bid to curb the child abuse on internet, a news portal was launched amidst a programme in Kathmandu on Tuesday.

The portal was launched at the programme organized in connection with the observation of the World Safer Internet Day under the slogan, Together for Better Internet.

It was begun with the common campaign of the Forum for Digital Equality, Internet Society Nepal Chapter, and Nepal Centre for Law and Technology, with the joint initiative of Online Child Protection Initiative and a British organization- Internet Watch Foundation.

The World Safer Internet Day is marked every year on February 5. Anyone finding the link, video, and photo relating to child abuse on internet can be identified with the help of the portal and file complaint.

The portal also prepares a detailed report with the help of Internet Watch Foundation which uses the IDF tool for it.

The report prepared by the portal helps Nepal Police to implement the laws relating to cyber crime and the researchers for study and advocacy.

Similarly, the report also helps the internet service providers to remove the abusive content.

With her remote participation in the programme, Director of the Internet Watch Foundation, Emma Douglas, viewed that as the cyber safety is must for the children in cyberspace, Foundation would continue its support to the local partners to address this pressing issue.

Similarly, Executive Director of the Forum for Digital Equality, Baburam Aryal, informed that the child safety portal was set up to ensure children’s safety on cyberspace.