Census Report: Nepal’s population crossed 29 million

eAdarsha.com Reporter
Jan 26, 2022

Kathmandu: The population of Nepal has reached 29 million  and 192,480  (2 crore 91 lakh 92 thousand 4 hundred 80). The Central Bureau of Statistics on Wednesday made public the preliminary results of Nepal’s Census-2021, stating that Nepal’s population has reached around 30 million.

In the census, the number of women is 14,901,169  and the number of men is 14,291,311. This time, the population growth rate has decreased. In the previous census, the population growth rate was 1.35 percent but this time it has declined to 0.93 percent.

The census is held every 10 year in the country. As per the data of 2011, population of Nepal was 26,494,504.