Cautionary measures must for strengthening national security-PM Oli

Apr 13, 2021

Photo: RSS

Kathmandu, April 13 : Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has underlined the need of keeping cautionary measures not only on security, but also all other dimensions connected to security while discussing on the issues of national interests.

In his address to the closing ceremony of advanced course on national security held at Army Command and Staff College today, PM Oli highlighted that a small and backward country like ours should be highly alert on the issues concerning national interest and national security.

“In regard to our internal security, our territory should not be used as a center of terrorism to serve other’s interests. We should be highly cautious towards creating an environment where underlying efforts are made to involve Nepal in unnecessary activities, jeopardize its law and order and instigate terror in the country”.

Terrorism does not have any border, he said, adding it should not be given any space in our country. “May terrorism do not prevail from any side and space”, PM Oli said, noting that jealousy, arrogance, prejudice and individual petty interest would instigate conflict.

Highlighting the need that social norms and values should be consolidated to keep national unity strong, he said, “Our necessity is unity in diversity. Diversity, co-existence, collaboration and mutual cooperation are our national identity markers”.

PM Oli claimed that communalism is the threat to our national security. “Nepal has been kept aloof from the politics of violence. Our international relations should be to propel our national interests and national interest should be based on justice”.

Issues of national security are related to peace, people’s will, good governance, prosperity, and corruption control, he said, reminding that collaborative efforts of Nepal Army, government and civil society results in national interest and security.