Apple ranked no.1 in world’s tablet PC market, Samsung ranked no.2

Jun 22, 2021

New York: Apple and Samsung Electronics are leading the generation of tablet PCs. Based on the Tablet Market Report published by Counterpoint Research on the 21st, the global tablet market has grown by 53 per cent compared to the previous year.

The growth rate of tablet markets was 19 per cent last year. The share of the global tablet market of Apple was 37 per cent, and Samsung’s was 20 per cent in the first quarter of this year.

Huawei had ranked no.3 with its 11 per cent of share in last year, but its market share dropped a lot to 5 per cent this year. This is because that the US government has included a large number of Chinese electronics, telecommunication and drone companies including Huawei in a blacklist.

When the company is included in the blacklist, it cannot purchase patents and source technologies owned by US companies as well as parts that include US technology. In addition, the companies in the blacklist are subject to delisting. Huawei cannot release new products as it has not gained parts for smartphone and tablets.

It is predicted that Apple and Samsung Electronics will continue to dominate the market share in the second half of this year. Apple released Ipad Pro-equipped M1 chip last month.

Samsung Electronics recently released Galaxy Tab S7 Light in several European countries. Galaxy Tab S7 has gained popularity from North American, European educational institutions.