Agriculture ambulance: A boon to farmers of Phedikhola Reporter
May 12, 2021

Bhawani Adhikari, Syangja, May 12: The Phedikhola Rural Municipality has brought ‘Agriculture Ambulance’ into operation to prevent wastage of farmers’ products.

The municipality has made arrangements to provide relief to the farmers and provide green vegetables to the locals by operating an agricultural ambulance while the corona virus infection is on the rise.

The agricultural ambulance has been brought into operation by purchasing a pick-up van in partnership with the local cooperative, a local project and the rural municipality. The pick up van will now be used to transport agricultural products from the farmer.

Agricultural produce is bought and sold by market management cooperatives. After the operation of the agricultural ambulance, there will be no difficulty in getting the agricultural produce to the market due to the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, the products had to rot in the fields last year as it could not reach the market in some places of the district.

The rural municipality has fixed the minimum support price for 25 types of agricultural products. Manager of the cooperative Nabin Pariyar informed that the rural municipality has been providing assistance to the farmers to provide market price to their agricultural produce.

At present, non-seasonal vegetables including cabbage, cucumber, bottle gourd, French beans, long beans, tomato, and coriander are grown in the fields. The municipality has stated that agricultural product collection centers have been established in all the 5 wards of the rural municipality.