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Admin of ‘Raper Association’ page arrested in Nawalpur

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
Oct 16, 2020

Photo: Cyber bureau and screenshot from social media.

Kathmandu, Oct 16: The administrator of Facebook group ‘Raper Association’ has been arrested on charge of posting immoral contents and urging people to commit rape crime.

Cyber Bureau of Nepal police has arrested Nabin Basnet of Pyuthan district who is currently living in of Kawasoti of Nawalpur.

The content on the group includes a remark of one member who says ‘I will freely rape because no one can cover me.’ While another member says ‘I’m going to rape 1 crore girls.’

The spokesperson of bureau, police personnel Nabindra Aryal said that they will be charged as per Electronic Transaction act 2012 said spokesperson.