90’s Aashiqui boy Rahul Roy suffers brain stroke during movie shooting

eAdarsha.com Reporter
Nov 30, 2020

Srinagar, Nov.30: Rahul Roy, the actor of 1990’s super hit movie -Aashiqui, has suffered a brain stroke during the shooting of movie, LAC-Live The Battle in Kargil.

Fifty two year old Rahul was  rushed from Kargil and was admitted in Srinagar based hospital and then airlifted to Mumbai based Nanavati hospital said NDTV India.

According to his brother, Romeer-Rahul is recovering. Meanwhile Times of India reported that he is suffering from impaired speech called aphasia. Now he need to go through surgery. Aphasia normally occurs suddenly after a brain stroke and leads to inability to speak, write and understand language.

Rahul with his co-actor Annu Aggrawalappeared in the Aashiqui movie at the age off 22. His hair style in the movie became so popular that youth of that time wanted ‘Aashiqui cut’ from barbers.