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7 years after laying electric poles, rural settlement in Baitadi got lights

Oct 28, 2020

Baitadi, Oct.28: Bhatyadi village of Patan Municipality-9 has been electrified, seven years after laying electric poles.

The locals were compelled to live in darkness due to lack of electricity even though poles were set up for the expansion.

Karna Bahadur Bista, a local, said that they have taken initiative for electrification in the village with the help of Patan branch of the power distribution center.

He said, “ The power is on in the village after the locals worked hard for pulling wires and laying poles.”

Dammar Singh Bhat, a local, said that the villagers were happy with the expansion of electricity with the help of  locals and staff of electricity authority.

At present, 28 households in the village have got electricity. He said, “The locals are very happy after the power outage in the village. About 12 houses are yet to get electricity. We are taking initiative for that. ”

Mohandev Joshi, chief of the Nepal Electricity Authority’s (NEA) Baitadi Distribution Center, informed that the NEA is extending electricity to the dark villages under the program of extending electricity to the villages.

Electricity has been extended to village and Kapadat in Melauli Municipality of Baitadi.

(Edited and translated in English via Nepali feed of RSS)