39,000 traffic violators punished in 6 months

Jan 23, 2021

Far-West, Jan 23: A total of 39,393 people were punished for violating the traffic rule in the Sudur Paschim province in the first six months of the current fiscal year.

This is an increase in the number of people fined for traffic violation in compared to the previous six months.

During the last six months of the previous fiscal year, the total number of traffic violators in nine districts of the province was 35,961, according to the Sudur Paschim Traffic Office in Attariya.

As per the data at the office, the highest number of people violating traffic rule included motorcycle riders at 14,785 followed by 9,635 jeep and car drivers, 6,560 truck drivers, 6054 tractor, 1,226 bus and 1,133 other kinds of vehicle drivers.

A revenue of Rs. 22.86 million was collected in the fine imposed on the traffic violators, said the office spokesperson Mohan Bahadur Saud. In the previous six months, revenue worth Rs. 21.11 million was collected from 36,961 vehicle riders.

With 3,432 violators increasing in the six months of the current fiscal year, Rs. 1.69 million more was collected in compared to the previous six months.

Likewise, the province recorded a total of 334 road accidents in the reference period, which led to the death of 99 persons. Likewise, 320 were seriously injured and 290 suffered minor injuries.

The number of road accidents in the previous six months was only 136, the office said with loss of 69 lives.

High speed as well as poor condition of the road are said to be the reason behind the rising number of road accidents in the province.