355 inmates in Bhimphedi Prison test positive to COVID-19

Jul 30, 2021
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Image: Pixabay

Makwanpur: Over one third inmates in Bhimphedi Prison based in Bhimphedi rural municipality in Makwanpur have tested positive to COVID-19. During a rapid antigen diagnostic test on 969 inmates, 355 were found to be positive.

The test included the inmates of Block ‘A’ and ‘B’ of the prison, said jailor Narayan Pandey.

The COVID-positive inmates have been isolated in the top floor of the prison adopting preventive measures while those tested negative have been managed on the ground floor.

Though almost all inmates had taken the full-course (double dose) of COVID-19 vaccines (Covishield), they were also tested positive. The initial test was conducted in course of shifting six inmates from here to the Nakkhu Jail and it was followed by a mass testing, Makwanpur’s Health Office Chief Pranay Kumar Upadhyay said.