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3 more people in Syangja and one in Nawalpur tested positive for COVID-19

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
May 28, 2020

Pokhara, May 28 : More 3 people have been found infected with COVID-19 in Syanjga district.

The sample tested in the laboratory of Western Regional Hospital has confirmed the positive cases.
According to health director of Gandaki state, Binod Bindu Sharma, 2 male and one female staying in quarantine of Waling were tested positive.

Their health condition is said to be as normal and arrangement has been made to bring them to hospital located in district headquarter.

Meanwhile one person has been detected with COVID-19 in eastern Nawalparasi of Gandaki state.

Nineteen year old male from Devchuli municipality-1 has been tested positive.  Bharatpur hospital has confirmed the case through it’s official page.