25 million people enjoy access to internet in Nepal

Apr 02, 2021

Image: Pixabay

Kathmandu, April 2 : More than 25 million people in Nepal have now an access to internet service. With this, country’s 84 per cent of the total population enjoys internet service.

According to a report of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), 25 million and 419,000 people enjoy internet connectivity by the mid-February 2021.

The NTA said that the number of internet service users increased by 683,000 persons from mid-January to mid-February.

The NTA said that mobile internet users are the highest in proportion with 61.47 per cent in Nepal.
It is said that 11.3 million plus people enjoy service of 3G internet including 8.66 million users of Nepal Telecom, the highest among the mobile internet service providers.

Likewise, the number of 4G users is 7.92 million and 136,573 individuals are e-video users, the NTA said.