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19 health workers quarantined in Baitadi

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
Jun 06, 2020

Baitadi, June 6: Regular service at the District Hospital in Baitedi remains affected since the past three days.

The service has been affected after 19 health workers were quarantined, after a woman who delivered at the hospital, tested positive in a RDT test carried out for Corona Virus.

After the RDT positive result of the woman, 19 health workers who came in direct contact with her have been put in self-quarantine, said the chief of the hospital Dr Basant Raj Joshi.

The woman had delivered a baby through C-section May 2. A day later she suffered fever and was hence tested for Corona Virus.

The new born however tested negative in the RDT test. With 19 health workers, including doctors, in self-quarantine the service of the hospital has been affected, Dr Joshi said.

The swab sample of the woman has been sent to Dhangadi laboratory for a PCR test. The 19-year-old woman is currently in the isolation room of the hospital.

Meanwhile, the 30 people who had come in contact with a 39-year-old infected person of Patan municipality-8, Baitedi have tested negative to Corona Virus.