175 Nepalese airlifted from Hubei

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
Feb 16, 2020

Kathmandu, Feb 16: One hundred and seventy-five Nepali nationals from six different cities across Hubei Province of the People’s Republic of China were airlifted from Wuhan this morning by a charter flight of Nepal Airlines. Of the 175 nationals, 170 are students, one employee, two visitors, and two children.

The flight that departed for Nepal at 00:52 am Wuhan local time landed at Tribhuvan International Airport at 03:22 am local time. The Embassy of Nepal in Beijing had arranged six separate vehicles to bring the Nepali nationals from different cities of Hubei Province to the airport.

The numbers of Nepali nationals from the six cities who boarded the flight include 55 from Wuhan, 25 from Enshi, 29 from Shiyan, eight from Yichang, nine from Jingmen, and 48 from Jingzhou, according to a statement released by the Embassy earlier today. Of them, 134 are male and 41 are female. Out of the 185 applicants, four later decided to stay back in China while six could not board the plane due to medical reasons.

Necessary procedures including temperature checks were completed before boarding the plane. The returnees will be kept in quarantine for at least 14 days in Kharipati, Bhaktapur before they go to their respective homes. Meanwhile, 100,000 pieces of face masks donated by the Government of Nepal to the Chinese Government through the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu were brought to Wuhan on the same flight, and were handed over to Hubei Charity Federation at the airport.