100 electric cars imported in 3 days

Oct 02, 2021

Image: Pixabay

Kathmandu: Thanks to a revised customs duty imposed by the government, Nepali traders and businessmen have started importing Chinese electric cars in large numbers from Rasuwagadhi.

According to the Rasuwa Customs Office, 100 electric cars entered Nepal in the past three days. Chief Customs Officer Ram Prasad Regmi said that the vehicles imported from Rasuwagadhi are being taken to Kathmandu after completing the customs process as per the rules.

More than Rs. 109.8 million as customs duty has been collected from the import of the electric cars.
Chief Customs Officer Regmi informed that the cars that have recently entered Nepal are among the other vehicles imported from Rasuwagadhi.

About 800 small and large vehicles have entered Nepal through Rasuwagadhi checkpoint since the last fiscal year to date, said a customs official.