10 bed isolation in building of Petroleum Dealers Gandaki

eAdarsha.com Reporter
May 12, 2021

Pokhara, May 12: Gandaki Dhaulagiri Petroleum Dealers Association has prepared a 10-bed isolation in its office building. The association’s building at 14 Chauthe in Pokhara Metropolitan City has been made an isolation center.

Rajan Goganju, president of the association, said that the isolation was prepared for the poor families or those living in the rent with corona infection.

He said that the isolation will not be used for the infected people of complex nature but for those with mild nature who could not stay at home or with their families.

It has been said that the workers working in the petroleum sector and their families or other such infected people of the deprived class will be kept in coordination with the health department of the metropolis.

Even if 10 beds are constructed in the first phase, the capacity of the office can be expanded up to 20 beds, said Chairman Goganju. He clarified that oxygen cylinder would be arranged if possible.